Balancing Act: Web 2.0 Tools vs. Network Integrity
Pennsylvania Educational Technology Exposition and Conference (PETE & C)
February 9, 2009

Share your experiences, perspectives, priorities, policies, solutions and recommendations with a panel representing educators and network administrators. Gain a better understanding of the tension between implementing emerging Web 2.0 tools and demands placed on bandwidth, security, and reliability. Together we will develop guidelines for cutting through to the cutting edge.


Virginia DiMedio, Director of Technology and Information Services, Lower Merion School District
Jim Gates, Consultant, Gates Ideas
Joe Oliphant, Technology Integration Director, Propel Schools
Michael Perbix, Network Technician, Lower Merion School District
Terry Underkoffler, Technology Integration Specialist, Methacton School District
Timothy Williams, Director of Instruction, Manheim Township School District


Bill Dolton, Educational Technology Facilitator, Lower Merion School District

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